Sample Quote- A 45 cubic unit that can fit 120 trays

As you will see on this sample quote, the cost of materials is well outlined with the Kshs 25,000 being our fee.

The S45 can fit 120 trays and is suitable for 15-20cows. One Aluminium tray costs Kshs 500 (20% discounted already). The trays are durable and can last more than 4 years with good handling.

One 80kg bag of barley costs Kshs 3,600.

One cow will need 6 trays to ensure it has fodder every single day of the week. One tray takes 2kgs of seeds and produces 10-12kgs of fodder.

Therefore an 80kg bag will last one cow 40days.

As you will notice in the breakdown of materials, they are easy to source though we are always ready to help you in any way.The barley and the trays are available at our Mwiki Store.

Please feel free to seek clarification about anything not clear.

Also remember to read the footnotes on the sample quotes.

Samuel Mbugua
Product Advisor