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Category - Agriculture

Interviews + Lectures

Agriculture, Interviews, Lectures, Podcasts + Tutorials

Sweet Basil Trials without Nutrients

Agriculture, Hydroponic Herbs

The Aquaponics Paradox

Agriculture, Aquaponics

The Aquaponics Paradox  Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics technology to grow fish and crops together. While aquaponics provides the added advantage of fish as a byproduct, it also introduces a host of new challenges that…

Set Up of an Aquaponic System

Agriculture, Aquaponics

A Cost Effective Modular Approach To Aquaponics   Aquaponics systems need stable environments in order to thrive. In this regard, it is imperative that the systems be housed in setups such as screen houses. However, the cost of…

What is Hydroponics?

Agriculture, Hydroponics

What is Hydroponics? Every Week, at our demonstration farm, we host farmers from all over the country who have come to get a practical demonstration of the techniques we employ in hydroponics. If there is ones question that…

Free Land for all, through Hydroponics.

Agriculture, Hydroponics

Kenya has probably the highest population growth rate in the world. We have a knack for making babies. The population is growing at an astronomical pace, even our record breaking track and field athletes cannot match the speed at which we are…

How to maintain cool temperatures in your hydroponic fodder structure.

Agriculture, Hydroponics

(Cover photo: Day 2 to day 7 fodder grown on consecutive days) Hydroponics can be a very delicate process.  Creating the conditions best for the growth of plants, in an artificial environment can be a bit, tricky. But…

Our experience on Feeding chicken with hydroponic fodder

Agriculture, Hydroponics

Grandeur Africa is made of people. And just as people are, we get excited. When we started out hydroponics, all we could see were possibilities. Our morale was high, and we were moving with speed. We started off…

Hydroponic fodder: Best practices when planting.

Agriculture, Hydroponics

For a farmer, nothing beats the sight of a bumper harvest. All the hard work put in, finally paying off. It is a time of pride for the farmer. But there are times that the harvest is not…

Why is Hydroponics important to the world.

Agriculture, Hydroponics

Hydroponics is not new to this world. It has been here of close to 2000 years. Yes, it’s been around. But now, more than ever, it is becoming increasingly popular and important in the modern world. The population…