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Category - Hydroponic Vegetables

Hydroponic Tomatoes and Capsicums in Kenya

Agriculture, Hydroponic Vegetables

HYDROPONIC TOMATOES AND CAPSICUMS The word vegetables in this document will stand in for tomatoes and capsicums. This will avoid boring repetition of the two words. This document is not more of a guideline, rather it is Grandeur Africa Limited…

64-plant Hydroponic Kitchen garden

Agriculture, Hydroponic Vegetables

You can have 64plants in a space measuring 1meter long by 1metre wide. Yes!!! We just said that. We will guide on how to Do It Yourself. We used chipboard when we did our first but later realized…

Hydroponic Tomato Production Schedule

Agriculture, Hydroponic Vegetables

Nursery sowing, 30-45days before transplanting Feed both Macro and Micro Nutrients such as Poly feed to ensure seedlings grow in a healthy manner. Also reduce the watering to ensure hardening off to encourage uptake of Phosphorus by the tomato roots. 7days after…