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Hydroponic fodder in Kenya

Agriculture, Hydroponics

One of the common questions often heard in Kenya is the optimal environment for hydroponic fodder production in Kenya. To begin to address this topic, one of the first catch phrases that come to mind is “controlled germination…

How to make hydroponically grown barley/wheat fodder to grow evenly.

Agriculture, Hydroponics, Hydroponics Fodder

It’s always very odd when you plant all your seed sprouts all at the same time, and some appear to be growing faster than others. It happens that there are patches that have not grown, or some parts…

Myths about hydroponically grown fodder.

Agriculture, Hydroponics Fodder

People tend to fear the unknown. There is a lot of information floating around in the market about hydroponics. Some are true, but some are just hearsay and myths. It is wise for the farmer to be aware…

Maintaining Hygiene in hydroponic barley/wheat fodder production.

Agriculture, Hydroponics, Hydroponics Fodder

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Being able to maintain a clean system is not only a source of pride for a farmer, but also crucial. Hydroponic fodder is grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides or other chemicals.…

How to get rid of fungus in your hydroponic fodder system.

Agriculture, Hydroponics, Hydroponics Fodder

Hydroponic fodder grows really fast. At least 10kg of fodder in 7 days from 2kg of seed. This is enough to provide a dairy cow with its daily protein supplement. The problem is, fungus on the roots of…

The ‘step by step’ of how to grow hydroponic barley/wheat fodder.

Agriculture, Hydroponics Fodder

I will not waste your time with introductions or pleasantries. I know what it is you want. So what is it you do to grow fodder? What are the steps involved? You can find a video on our…

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